Monday, 9 July 2018

This Week at Bowls

This Week at Bowls Saturday the 15th of September 

  • COXs ROAD MALL 5-a-SIDE CARNIVAL MONDAY 8th OCTOBER: See Noticeboard for details and entry forms. We now have 12 entries, just 4 vacancies left.
  • CHANGES TO SOCIAL BOWLS: 2 bowl triples (25 ends) and avoid playing all long ends.
  • DELAYING PLAY: Last Saturday we had the situation where one match continued an hour and a half after the other three matches. Players must always pay attention to the match and prepare their bowls while the bowlers before them are playing their bowl, so you can get on the mat and play your bowl without delay. If the kind of behavior that was displayed last Saturday continues, we may have to include the regulations for delaying play in our conditions of play for our events. If done and someone is reported to be delaying play the team could be put on stopwatch and have to deliver all their bowls in each of the remaining ends in four minutes. If they fail to deliver their bowls in the four minutes they would forfeit any remaining bowls in the end.
  • MAJOR/MINOR PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIPS: Semi Final Saturday 15th September at 12:40p.m., FINAL Sunday 16th September 2018 at 8:40a.m.
  • MIXED PAIRS: Nominations are now open. Closing date for entries is Saturday 22nd September 2018.
  • SKILLS TRAINING: Skills Training continues on Tuesday afternoons at 3:30p.m.). All bowlers are welcome.
  • SELECTORS FOR 2019: The Selectors for 2018-2019 are Alan Hoy, Andrew Moylan, Stewart Skinner.
  • Zone 10 Jack Attack Commences on Thursday 11th October at 6:00pm full details on the notice board. If you would like to play in the Jack Attack Event please put your name on the list on the notice board, preferably arrange a partner and put both of your names on the sheet as Player 1 and Player 2 we will then organize a third non registered player. If you have already chosen a team of three, with one unregistered player, by all means enter the names on the sheet.
  • Saturday 22nd September: Shirts & Skirts. Note: This year the teams will be of equal numbers. We will make up teams to play against the ladies any excess numbers will play social bowls. The cost will be $15 which will cover green fees, raffle and BBQ. 
  • Saturday 20th October: President’s Day/Memorial Day.
  • GEORGE DINGWALL SHIELD: Friday 26th October 2018 and Sunday 28th October 2018.

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