Monday, 19 November 2018

This Week at Bowls

This Week at Bowls Saturday the 15th of December, 2018

2. 10:00A.M. START ON WEDNESDAYS: As you are aware we conducted a survey to determine player opinions in regard to starting bowls on Wednesdays at 10:00a.m. The results of the survey indicated an overwhelming majority (34/15) in favour of the early start time. As a result the Committee has decided to introduce the new start time of 10:00a.m. on the first bowling day in 2019, Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Players may place their name on the list as usual or phone the Bowls Office between 8:30a.m. and 9:00a.m on the day.
3. PENNANTS 2019: Due to the lack of numbers who have submitted their names to play Pennants in 2019 the Committee has reluctantly made the decision, at the recommendation from the Selectors, to only enter one side in the Pennants for 2019. As there will be a number of potential Pennant Players who may not gain selection in our Pennant Side, the Committee is planning an internal competition for those players.
4. PENNANTS 2019: Nominations are open for Pennants 2019. Pennants start on Saturday 9th March 2019.  Please complete the Player Survey which was sent out.
5. PENNANT TRIALS: Please note there were three pennant trials planned for the last few weeks, there is one left on 22nd December 2018. If you are not available, please advise the selectors and tick your name off as usual.
6. BOXING DAY-WEDNESDAY 26TH DECEMBER 2018; There will be no organized bowls.
7. TWILIGHT BOWLS: Friday 21st December 2018 @ 5:30p.m.  This will be the last for the season.
8. 2019 CLUB FOURS: Nominations are now open and will close at 12:00noon on Saturday 29th December 2018. The event will be conducted over two weekends, Sat 12th Jan / Sun 13th Jan and Sat 19th Jan / Sun 20th Jan. Note the Saturday rounds will commence at 12:40p.m. and the Sunday rounds at 8:40a.m.
9. 2019 RESERVE TRIPLES : Entries are now open, closing date is Saturday 12th January 2019.
10. 2019 RESERVE FOURS: Entries are now open, closing date is Saturday 26th January 2019.
11. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: It is now time to pay your annual membership for 2019. The fee has been reduced to $40 for all members and the two classifications of “Social” and “Full” member have been changed to one classification of “Full” member for all members.
12. REGISTRATION WITH RNSWBA: From 1st January 2019 all North Ryde RSL Bowling Club financial bowlers will be classified as a “Full” member. Those “Full” members who wish to compete in Association Events such as Club Championships and Pennants etc must be registered with the RNSWBA, and will need to indicate their desire to be registered by placing their name on the “BOWLERS REQUESTING REGISTRATION IN 2019”sheet on the Notice Board. Full Members who only wish to play Social Bowls need not.
13. CLUB JACKETS: From 1st January 2019 the only Club Jacket that will be accepted for Association Events will be the new Blue Club Jacket with “NORTH RYDE RSL” on the back.
14. FREE COMPUTER TRAINING: Supported by Bowls Australia this initiative is to increase digital literacy in members. The course is to be run over two days, the first on Monday 14th January 2019 10:00am to 12:00am and the second on Monday 21st January 2019 from 10:00am to 11:00am. If you wish to attend please place your name on the list on the notice board and indicate the type of device you intend to bring.
15. 2019 MEN’S BOWLING CLUB AGM: Saturday9th February 2019 @ 10:00a.m. Bowls after the AGM as usual.

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