Monday, 18 June 2018

This Weeks results

This Weeks results as at the 14th of July, 2018


14.7.18 Pennants Grade 5 Putney defeated Nth Ryde RSL 9-1 pts (Agg 63-61) P Lavery J Morris A Woods S Pleming lost 18-21 P Collins A Benson A Fenelon J French lost 15-27 P Dowling J Lundberg T Pisano J Grabiec won 28-15 Grade 6 Nth Ryde RSL defeated Putney 9-1 pts (Agg 54-39) E Conboy B Gibson A Hoy M Richardson lost 15-16 D Carr J Glen P Auberson W Coelho won 19-13 G Macpherson S Harrison G King A Moylon won 20-10 14.7.18 Socials P McPhie J Brennan def E Sinanain W Walsh 24-15 N Cicchini C Osborne def J Sinanian V Spano 16-6

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