Monday, 4 December 2017

This Weeks results

This Weeks results as at the 17th of March, 2018

Mid week 5-a-side Pennants 14.3.18
Gr B The Hills d North Ryde 4-0pts
G Chrisoffel M Fotheringham d J Glen A Benson 18-15
J Crockett W Weller V Ardill d S Skinner S Palmer J Grabiec 20-17
GrC1 WPH Sports 1 d North Ryde 3-1pts
S Layburn P Lavery d R Fitzpatrick 19-18
L Watkins R Cole R Iredale d B Worboys B Gibson W Coelho 33-5
GrC2 N Ryde d W Pennant Hills 3.5-0.5pts
P Collins D Hope d D Polley I Corke 20-17
B Venn J Lundberg T Sweeney drew M Trimboli D Couch M Horner 17-17
Wednesday Socials 14.03.18  
H Hochstetter A Wray D Fenelon d G Davies H Berger J French 17-16
C Costa N Ciccini A Hollard d V Spano W Wood R Dummett 20-12
Saturday Socials 17.3.18
S Harrison A Wray d V Canalase N Ferris 18-8
V Spano D Fenelon d P McPhee W Coelho 23-14
B Dyer D Carr P Lavery d E Sinanian I Pendleton S Pleming 16-12

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